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Information required to write a Will

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What information is required to write a Will

Please take the time to think about your requirements before we meet. At our meeting we will of course take the time to explain in more detail the options available to you.

Executors / Trustees: These people must be trustworthy, they are appointed to ensure that your financial requirements, wishes and desires are carried out according to your Will. Many people appoint their spouse as the first choice followed by one or two alternatives. Please obtain permission from your proposed Executors/Trustees.

Guardians: If you have children under the age of eighteen or are planning to have children, guardians must be appointed to look after them in the event of your death. Please obtain permission from your proposed guardians.

Specific Gifts: Please list any specific gifts you wish to make in your Will e.g. jewellery, golf clubs, car, specific furniture, money, shares etc. Gifts that will go to your spouse as part of the Residue of your Estate do not need to be listed separately.

Residue of your Estate: This is all your estate that is not specifically gifted. Who do you want to receive most of your estate? Many married couples will leave everything to each other on first death, then on second death to their children. If you have a young family, you need to consider what should happen if you should all die together.

Burial Cremation: Stating a preference for burial or cremation is optional. If you do have a preference are there any specific requirements e.g. name and address of a church, or where ashes should be scattered.